Recent Work

National Treasures

This work is a series of digital landscape color photographs taken in Sussex County Virginia. The images here represent a transition away from using black and white film and large scale image making. These works represent feelings of optimisim which are expressed by smaller national treasures vivdly in color at a distance.

The Fallen

Working with origami artist Daniel Brown of Richmond, this series of images combines sculpture, politics, and photography to express the irony of war.


This is a series of black and white medium format film prints of boardwalks, piers, and some other structures immersed in water along the New Jersey coast, before Hurricane Sandy of 2012. They were photographed while I attended college and was recently discharged from the Marines. Taking long exposures in low daylight, using composition, and man-made objects, these images express ones self baptisimal or regeneration back into society.

Reservoir of Trees

"The River Styx" in Greek mythology represents a deity and a river that form a boundary between Earth and the Underworld. I used color and black and white film to photograph reservoirs in Virginia and New Jersey, that represnt this mythology, and the idea of seperating depression from reality.



Professional Work.

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